The Story Behind WPComrade


Welcome to WordPress Comrade and thanks for stopping by. WPcomrade was launched to provide the right content at the right time to the WordPress community. As the name suggests, WPcomrade aims to be your friend that supports you during your journey with managing your WordPress business.

WPComrade aims to keep you updated about news that hasn’t become mainstream. So, you are well informed about everything that happens under the WordPress umbrella.

WPComrade also analyses products, but remember, it only talks about the products that we, it’s authors, believe in. We back the firms that make great products, support their customers, engage with their clientele, and keep innovating. They ultimately create value for their customers and that’s what matters in this industry.

WPcomrade will produce a lot of ‘How to’s’, Reviews, Listicles, Case Studies, WordPress news and so on in the hope that we will be able to add more to your existing knowledge. Knowledge that helps make your online business better 🙂